Structural Waterproofing

Hot Rubber

Hot Rubber is a lightweight, yet tough and very flexible self-healing monolithic membrane with guaranteed 100% bond to a properly prepared concrete substrate.

Its unique formulation of modified bitumen, synthetic rubbers and antioxidants, combined with reinforcement, guarantees lifetime performance whether it is used for protected roofs, plaza decks, green roofs, water features or access roadways.

Available with a range of extruded polystyrene insulation’s to suit differing deck and U value parameters. Self-healing in the event of minor penetrations.


A 6mm thick, hot melt liquid applied solution with inter laid reinforcement and a fully bonded capping sheet.

The first choice for zero falls waterproofing on inverted green roofs and hard landscaped podium structures in new build applications.

A high performance bituminous rubber blend which allows fast and simple installation over complex roof details and around penetrations.

Specifications for a wide range of project types are available.


BBA accredited and designed to last for lifetime of the structure and available with a 20-year warranty.

Manufactured and supplied under ISO9000:2000 & 14001:2004 Quality and Environmental Management Standards.

No problems associated with onsite curing or solvent use. Fully bonds to the structure avoiding any chance of water tracking, no possibility of lap failure.

Installation & Maintenance

Allows details at up stands to be completed first to allow other trades to proceed. Highly site trafficked areas can be left until last to avoid the need for protection or the possibility of damage.

Able to be laid at low temperatures down to -18°C for winter installations. Installed by a long-established network of approved specialist contractors.

Full warranties available covering product and installation; requires minimal routine maintenance.

Why Choose Fenland Flat Roofing?

Formed in 1976, the company’s capabilities make it a leading supplier of bespoke solutions across a wide number of sectors, including residential, commercial and public sector.

Types of work include market leading single ply membranes, structural waterproofing, liquid coatings, green and bio-diverse roofs, built up felt systems and metal decks.