Single Ply

Strong and Durable

Single ply technology offers maximum freedom of choice in roof design, performance and appearance.

Single ply membranes are strong, flexible sheets composed predominantly of synthetic polymer.

When combined with insulation and continuous support they form complete, durable roof systems.

Single Ply membranes have been certified to have a life expectancy of ‘in excess of 40 years’.

The Coating Process

Single Ply can accommodate the stresses of adhered, loose laid and ballasted applications. In the coating process, a glass fibre carrier is coated on both sides with liquid Plastisol, prior to the application of a lacquer coating on the upper surface.

The unique lacquer coating eliminates the need for biocides, provides the membrane with an easy to clean surface and prolongs the life of the membrane by reducing plasticiser loss.

This process enables between 2% and 5% recyclate to be used in the production of new membranes.

Product Range

Available in a range of standard, special and custom colours, Single Ply membranes provide the designer with the ability to reproduce the appearance of traditional metal roofing systems such as Lead, Copper, or Aluminium at a fraction of the cost, by incorporating Decor or Batten Profile.

Installation on site is carried out using the appropriate hot air welding equipment to weld all overlapping joints on site. This forms a seam stronger than the membrane itself.

Why Choose Fenland Flat Roofing?

Formed in 1976, the company’s capabilities make it a leading supplier of bespoke solutions across a wide number of sectors, including residential, commercial and public sector.

Types of work include market leading single ply membranes, structural waterproofing, liquid coatings, green and bio-diverse roofs, built up felt systems and metal decks.