Green Roofing

Green Roofing

Green roofs offer many advantages for building developers, owners and users. They benefit the wider environment through their positive impact on sustainability, biodiversity and the attenuation of storm water.

Green roofs improve the quality of life for the building users whilst providing a payback for the environment and can have wide ranging long term financial benefits.

ZinCo Green Roofs from Alumasc are available in four broad application categories, backed up by alternative waterproofing systems to provide a complete roofing solution from a single source.


Encourages biodiversity and attracts aphids and other invertebrates via the low-nutrition substrate and vegetation mix selected that is suited to the area.

  • Provides a ‘back to nature’ look, offering strong ecological benefits
  • Suitable for lightweight roof decks, inaccessible roofs, flat or sloping roofs
  • Not normally designed to provide access for leisure use
  • Equally suited to re-roofing or new build projects
  • Do not require irrigation and are low maintenance
  • Specifications for a wide range of project types are available


Extensive green roofs are versatile, lightweight and economic. Designed to support self-sustaining sedum type plants which are wind, frost and drought resistant.

Produced, specified and installed in accordance with standards for green roof design from the German Landscaping and Landscape Development Research Facility (FLL).

They are easy to install and help to reduce water run-off. The natural evaporation from the substrate cools the air and reduces dirt and smog levels.


Designed to support naturally occurring indigenous plant species and perpetuate the existence of the invertebrates that co exist with them. No irrigation requirement.

Extensive substrate required as growing medium. Build-up height 50–100mm.

Floradrain systems weighing as little as 65kg/m2, allow inverted ballasted roofs to be rejuvenated by replacing all or part of the ballast with extensive landscaping.


Planting Options

Planting is sown as cuttings, plug planted, or supplied in pre-cultivated sedum mats. Typically consists of mosses, sedums, herbs and grasses.

Alternatives achieved by varying substrates formulated to support rockery and alpine plants.

Brown roofs are the extension of this type, utilising or recreating the substrate and plant species that occur on brown field sites when they have been reclaimed for new construction.

Planting can include mosses, grasses self sown seeds and wildlife cultivating plant matter such as dead trees.

Installation & Maintenance

Can be installed as part of a new build construction or refurbishment project. Do not require irrigation. Requires minimal routine maintenance.

Installed by a network of Approved Contractors. Full warranties available for Alumasc waterproofing systems used in green roof system.

ZinCo Biodiverse Green Roofs are a form of Extensive Green Roof where the substrate is laid down and then planted with vegetation that is suitable for the local environment. They are lightweight with a relatively shallow substrate.

Why Choose Fenland Flat Roofing?

Formed in 1976, the company’s capabilities make it a leading supplier of bespoke solutions across a wide number of sectors, including residential, commercial and public sector.

Types of work include market leading single ply membranes, structural waterproofing, liquid coatings, green and bio-diverse roofs, built up felt systems and metal decks.